Keeping Wildlife Out Of Your House

Nuisance animals love to take up residence under decks and porches. The Raccoon Guys can provide solutions to these problems protecting you even from animals that love to burrow such as skunks and rats. Why exclude animals from your outdoor environment? There are several reasons:

  • The animals can be aggressive especially if they are rabid or protecting offspring
  • Their feces can be highly toxic carrying bacteria and viruses that are harmful to humans
  • Their feces and food waste attract bugs and flies that can ruin the enjoyment of your outdoor areas
  • They are opportunistic and may seek warmer shelter inside your home.

With outdoor animal exclusion there are several variables that need consideration: Your Risk, Your Aesthetic, and Your Budget. In terms of risk it is important to determine:

  • Have you or your neighbours had historical problems with nuisance animals?
  • Are your neighbours protected? If they are you must understand that raccoons, skunks, squirrels etc. are opportunistic and will take the path of least resistance
  • What areas need protection: window wells, decks, porches, patios, gazeboes etc.
  • What are the access points? Do they all need to be secured? Not necessarily!

This homeowner had a deck that wrapped around the house. It was determined afterwards that one of the access points was the pictured window well. No problem! We were able to create a solution that prevented access and protected the aesthetic of the decking without impairing the function of the window.

The thing about animal exclusion is that there is no access point too small (see below). The question is if the risk warrants protection. The Raccoon Guys are knowledgeable and serious about your protection. At the same time, we are homeowners aswell and understand you do not want you home covered in high gauge wire screening, because it can be ruin the curb value of your most valuable asset.

Trust us to identify and recommend an exclusion solution that is sensitive to you needs, aesthetics, and your budget

Purchase a wildlife exclusion and prevention package to prevent animal invasion and The Raccoon Guys will guarantee the work for an additional 5 years. Whether you require protection or extraction The Raccoon Guys are committed to providing exceptional customer service and becoming your company of choice for wildlife control services.

Contact us at 647-938-1917 or 416-564-0666 if you have any questions or for a free, no-obligation quote.