Getting Rid of Raccoons in Toronto


Cities like Toronto with lots of green space are ideal for raccoons. There is enough shelter for them to thrive through a cold winter. They have a reputation for being very clever, and can easily open lids and gate latches if it means they can get at food or a place to nest.

Raccoons in the Attic

Our company usually gets calls from homeowners when raccoons have managed to invade the home and nest in areas like attics, sheds, or in between walls. Since raccoons tend to be stealthy and quiet, you may not even notice that you have raccoons in your home until you start hearing them rustling and running around. Raccoons will nest anywhere they can find an entry point, such as a chimney, under porches, in a garage, in a shed and of course the attic. Raccoons under the deck in the backyard are very common.

The Damage Raccoons Do

Raccoons are larger animals and can wreak a lot of damage on your home. Insulation usually needs to be redone completely after raccoons have been found in an attic, and they can chew through structural supports underneath decks and porches. If raccoons are not removed as soon as they are spotted, they can do tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home and property.


Raccoon Control

Keep your green bins firmly latched and ensure that any outdoor composters have pest-proof features like locking lids that will deter raccoons. Simply having a lid on an object is not enough. It must snap or lock in order to keep raccoons out, since they will use their claws like humans use their hands to open things. The less attractive you make the outside of your home to raccoons; the less likely they will be tempted to nest inside your home.

Since raccoons are nocturnal creatures, lights on motion sensors for your backyard, alleyways or other areas where they are likely to gather are excellent raccoon deterrents. You should also clean up after barbequing or eating outdoors thoroughly, since any leftovers or drippings will attract raccoons.

If you are friendly enough with your neighbours, encourage them to protect their homes against raccoon incursions as well, since raccoons don't tend to discriminate between houses. If they find your neighbour's yard attractive as a food source, they may be tempted to nest on your property.


Raccoon Removal

The Raccoon Guys will humanely remove any raccoons we find on the property, including mothers and their young. It is very important that you contact a professional animal removal technician rather than trying to remove raccoons yourself, since raccoons can be ferocious when defending their young and their territory. We are very affordable and know how to get rid of raccoons humanely and safely.

We Get Rid of Toronto Raccoons Permanently

There's a reason we're "The Raccoon Guys". We mean business when it comes to raccoons in Toronto. We don't just get rid of your raccoons. We'll block up any entry points so that they can't get back in to your space, and give you tips on how to deter them from getting onto your property again. We'll do whatever it takes to make sure that your raccoon problem doesn't return, and our work is guaranteed.

If you want to get rid of raccoons and keep them off your property, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.