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Skunks cause a bit more alarm than other animals when people see them on their property because of their capacity to spray when frightened. Measures you take to keep raccoons away, such as composting in closed containers and putting out food garbage in locked lids, should also keep skunks away. But if they do start nesting on your property or in your home, call a wildlife control specialist like The Raccoon Guys to get rid of them. Unless you want to spend a couple of days taking tomato baths, you don't want to attempt to remove a skunk by yourself.

Repelling Skunks

To keep skunks away in the first place, keep all potential food sources such as pet food, trash bins, composters locked down. If you have a garden, use oil of mustard around its edge as a skunk repellent, as well as a small fence. Use mothballs at the bottom of garbage bags as a skunk deterrent. Skunks will dig for grubs in bare soil and grass, so anything that can discourage them from entering your property to do so will be effective. Some property owners will routinely apply oil of mustard and other natural skunk repellents around the perimeter of their yards, particularly just after a rainfall when grubs are plentiful.

Remove Skunks From Your House

Skunks are more likely to get into outdoor structures and under porches rather than inside a house or attic as they are bad climbers. Being great burrowers, they can burrow under porches and decks in areas that you may have thought inaccessible.

Remove Skunks From Under Your Deck

If skunks are living under your deck, again, let a wildlife control company like The Raccoon Guys handle all aspects of removal. If you start hauling out wood or other debris from under your deck, you may corner the skunk or disturb its nest and encourage it to spray.

How To Get Rid of Skunks

The best way to get rid of skunks in Toronto permanently is to contract a pest control specialist like The Raccoon Guys. You cannot use traps that will inflict damage or place poison, and doing so can net you a $5000 fine in the city of Toronto. Let the professionals handle skunks.

The Raccoon Guys will also ensure that skunks cannot return by sealing up entry points, backfilling areas with loose dirt that can be easily burrowed in, and other measures customized to your particular situation.

Contact The Raccoon Guys today to get rid of your skunk problem. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation and quote.