Hazards of Squirrels on Toronto Residences

Problems with Squirrels in Toronto?

Squirrels are common sights in Toronto. They are perfectly comfortable living at close range to humans, especially inside homes and garages if they can manage to get in. Many clients come to us for squirrel removal in Toronto.

Squirrels are rodents who usually nest in trees and live off of nuts and tree fruits. They can have multiple litters a year, usually numbering 1-3 young each. Most squirrels do not live beyond four years and half the squirrel population dies off each year. They can by red, grey, or brown in colour.

In Toronto winters, food sources can become thin and habitats become threatening. These harsher environments can encourage squirrels to invade homes and other structures, where they will adapt their diet and lifestyle to your home. This adaptation can result in structural and material damage, as well as the spread of diseases and parasites.

Squirrels In Your Attic

In the absence of their usual food, squirrels can consume whatever is edible in their environment. This can be wood, stucco, or any food trash kept around the house. Squirrels use insulation for nesting when having their young. They invade crawlspaces, chimneys, attics, and duct work. Once they've infiltrated a home, they'll live wherever they can get access to. This can be damaging to electrical systems which ups the risk for severe fire hazards.

Squirrels are known to carry rabies, worms, ticks, lice and other parasites. A squirrel infestation will be accompanied by the unpleasant odours of their waste and dead squirrels inside the walls.

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels

Prevention is the best way to protect your home from a squirrel infestation. Exclusion involves searching the outer portions of your home in order to find entry points for squirrels. Patching up holes, using screens over openings, and sealing cracks in brick walls can stop a squirrel before it even enters your home. One way doors can be installed which restrict re-entry to a squirrel if it ventures out of the attic.

Hiring a professional to trap the animal is advisable as this process involves a detailed search. Often there might be more than one squirrel within the house that a homeowner will overlook when trying to remove squirrels by themselves. If the homeowner is worried about trapping accidents with pets a professional animal control technician will use non-lethal baited cage traps. Using noxious gases, squirrel repellent and bright lights will help you get rid of squirrels. This also allows the animal control technician to see the access point the squirrels used to enter the home. After removal of the squirrels, the access point can be closed.

The Raccoon Guys are specialists in getting rid of squirrels. Give us a call today either to get started with preventative measures or to get us to handle your squirrel problem professionally and conclusively.