Possum Removal in Toronto

Possums pose many of the same dangers that raccoons and other animals their size do to homes in Toronto. Many homeowners panic when they first see a possum because they think it is a large rat. Thankfully, they aren't rats, but they can still be destructive to your property. There has been a consistent rise in the Toronto possum population and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down. They started showing up east of the city in Etobicoke and have spread to all corners of the GTA.

Possum Precautions

Preventative measures for possums are much the same as those for raccoons. Use green bins with snap-down lids, keep compost piles in containers, and make sure that garbage bins have snap lock lids. Possums prey mostly on garbage, so pay special attention to your bins on garbage day. They also like water, so making an effort to eliminate standing pools of water on your property will help to prevent Toronto possums.

Possums particularly enjoy carrion, or dead and rotting meat. Freezing meat scraps and thoroughly rinsing out pet food cans before disposal will help to deter opossums in Toronto.

What Toronto Possums Can Do to Property

Toronto possums are quite versatile and will climb to nest in a high gable or burrow under a deck to make a next. If they have steady access to food or water they will be encouraged to nest on your property. They may also threaten family pets such as cats and small dogs.

Possum Removal

Possums will either play dead or hiss when threatened. Wildlife control specialists are the best way to deal with possums since they can become violent when threatened or when their nests are disturbed.

A possum problem should be addressed as soon as you see one on your property. They are by nature a very skittish animal, so if they have become emboldened enough to stroll out in plain sight it may hint at a broader population on your property that needs to be taken care of.

Professional animal control companies like The Raccoon Guys will come in and remove any possum populations with prime concern for your safety. We'll then help you recover from any damage to your property and seal off openings for entry to potential nesting locations.

Contact the Raccoon Guys today to get a free quote on removing your possum problem. We'll work with you to make sure your problem is solved quickly and efficiently.