The Raccoon Guys Can Handle
Any Critter You've Got

We've been professional animal control technicians long enough that we've got lots of experience dealing with most of the critters in Toronto. We've got some more details on pests that could be troubling you and causing damage to your property on these pages.


There's a reason we're "The Raccoon Guys". Raccoons are the pests that we get the most calls for, and we know exactly what you're dealing with. These smart creatures are a handful and we help get rid of them for good. Find out more about our raccoon removal services »


Squirrels are huge pests and have been known to chew through anything, including electrical wires, to nest. Don't let squirrels destroy your property any longer. Call The Raccoon Guys for real solutions. Find out more about our squirrel removal services »

Wasps and Bees

If you've got a wasp or bees nest on your property, it's tempting to buy nest remover and use it yourself. Don't be tempted to handle wasps and bees on your own - call us for professional solutions that will keep them away. Find out more about our wasp and bee removal services »


While bats are extremely cool to some people, they can be very damaging to your attic or roof if they manage to get a foothold. We can help you coexist with your mosquito-eating friends, or get rid of them entirely. Find out more about our bat removal services »


Nobody wants a family of skunks living under their porch. If the black-and-white stinkers have managed to burrow under your porch or deck, contact us to get them out for you. Find out more about our skunk removal services »


Pigeon droppings can eat through metal and harbour disease. There are many reasons why you don't want pigeons roosting on your property, even if you like feeding them at the park. Find out more about our pigeon removal services »


Possums pose many of the same dangers that raccoons and other animals their size do to homes in Toronto. Many homeowners panic when they first see a possum because they think it is a large rat. Thankfully, they aren't rats, but they can still be destructive to your property. Find out more about about possum removal services »