Bat Control in Toronto

Toronto homeowners and renters have a love/hate relationship with bats. They are very cool to look at, but if they get into your house or other structures on your property, their corrosive waste can wreak havoc. Whether you want to coexist with bats or get them off your property entirely, The Raccoon Guys can help you out.

Bats in Your House or Your Attic

If you have bats in your house or bats in your attic, you will want to contact a professional animal control technician to get them out. Once bats have gotten into an attic, it is a bit tricky to get them out, and you don't want to undertake this on your own. Once they have taken up residence, they will destroy insulation, leave acidic waste that can break down wood and other materials, and just generally be a nuisance.

How to Catch Bats

If one bat has flown into your house and you are trying to catch it, a small net will do the trick. Make sure the netting isn't so fine that it can tangle itself up in the netting, and wear work gloves to help disengage it from the net once you get it outside. One bat may or may not be a sign that you have bats on your property. Watch where it flies when you get it outside; if it is flying into the rafters of the house, contact a pest control company like The Raccoon Guys.

Getting Rid of Bats

The Raccoon Guys will get rid of your bat problem quickly and humanely. We'll also seal up entry points to their previous nesting area, and help you pinpoint other potential trouble areas and seal those up as well. Bat control is actually not very difficult; if you don't give them entry points to an attractive nesting spot, you won't have the problem again. You'll also discourage other critters from nesting in your house, such as pigeons, raccoons and squirrels.

Coexisting With Bats

You can build an attractive bat house on your property. Bats are an excellent natural way to control mosquitoes and other pesky insects. The Metro Toronto Zoo has a bat box program that will help you build a bat house. If you build them an attractive bat box, they are far less likely to nest in your attic or within your walls. Contact The Raccoon Guys today to get your bat problem under control.