Wasp and Bee Pest Control in Toronto

If you have a wasp or bee problem on your Toronto property, The Raccoon Guys are the people to call to take care of it. It's important to establish if the wasp or bees nest is located on your property, or not on a neighbour's or city property. If it is on city property, contact the City of Toronto and they will take care of it. If it is on a neighbour's property, work out a deal with your neighbour and call us for professional removal.

Pest Control: Wasps

People usually feel threatened by the presence of wasps on their property. If the nest is located in a tree on your property away from your backyard or any entrances to your home, it may not actually be a threat. Wasps act as natural pest control for other insects. Where it becomes an issue is where the nest is located in the rafters of your home or a shed, or near where children may be playing. If you notice a nest in the fall, there is generally no cause for alarm, as the colony will not survive the winter and the nest can be removed during that time.

Deterring Wasps and Bees

Food garbage and composts need to be covered and pools of standing water on the property have to be eliminated to discourage wasps and bees. These measures will also keep other critters away from your home.

Wasp and Bee's Nest Removal

Do not attempt to remove a wasp nest or bee's nest on your own. Wasps and bees will always attack if their nests are disturbed. A professional pest control company will know how to control the use of fumigants and use other techniques that will make the removal of wasps fast and painless. The Raccoon Guys have gotten rid of wasp and bee problems for many Toronto homeowners. We'll make sure they're gone and that they don't return.

The Benefits of a Professional Solution

Sure, you could go down to the hardware store and pick up wasp nest remover. It will likely get rid of the nest. But removal of wasps in an urban area has other considerations that a professional will know about. Will they just migrate to a neighbouring structure and continue to be a nuisance? How can you discourage them from taking up residence again? Professional animal control technicians like The Raccoon Guys will know how to answer those questions and more.

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