Pigeon Control in Toronto

Urban coexistence with pigeons is a conundrum in Toronto. On one hand, we love feeding pigeons in the park. On the other hand, we want to discourage them from nesting under our eaves or on windowsills. The Raccoon Guys have been helping Toronto home and condo owners remove and deter pigeons for a long time, and we're the guys to call if you have a pigeon problem.

Getting Rid of Pigeons in Toronto

Pigeons nest in many buildings throughout Toronto. They can be found everywhere from century homes to newer condominiums. While pigeons themselves aren't really a threat to anyone, their acidic waste can erode building materials, including metal, meaning that you do want to discourage nesting in and around your home and get rid of them if they are present. Pigeon droppings can harbour diseases such as histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis, which can be dangerous for cancer patients, the elderly, or others with compromised immune systems.

Pigeon Repellent

Pigeons can become used to things like motion-activated lights, so deterring them can be difficult. If a balcony of a condominium is a particular area of concern, you could install a netting to discourage them. If you are trying to discourage them from nesting on your roof, contact The Raccoon Guys to do a thorough and professional job of sealing up potential entry points and applying repellents in the appropriate spots. Deterring pigeons is tricky and should be left to the professionals.

How Can I Get Rid of Pigeons

People try a number of methods of getting rid of pigeons, and some of them, such as poisons and BB guns, may be illegal. Trust The Raccoon Guys to get rid of your pigeons humanely and legally. We'll also help you clean up any problem waste areas before they cause structural damage and make suggestions for fixing up any damaged areas we find when we clear away the waste and their nests. We'll also use humane repellent methods that will ensure that your Toronto pigeons don't return to your property.

Contact The Raccoon Guys to get a handle on your pigeon problem before real damage is done to your roof or your property. We're standing by and ready to help you.